‘The Event’ fully focussed on the 2022 Ostbelgien Classic 2022 and postpones the second Göhltal Classic – 12H Ostbelgien to 2023

Michael Bartholemy and the entire ‘The Event’ team made the great news official a few days ago: the Ostbelgien Classic 2022 will be the setting for the final of the Historic Regularity Rallies of the FIA Trophy! This means that Belgium will be host to a major event on the international regularity rally scene on 02, 03 and 04 December next.

This prestigious deadline for only the third edition of this event will require the full attention of the ‘The Event’ organisers.  They have therefore decided to pull out all the stops for it and postpone the second edition of the Göhltal Classic – 12H Ostbelgien to 2023.

“We are accustomed to doing things properly and right down to the last detail” says Micheal Bartholemy.  “When the FIA announced to us that the Ostbelgien Classic would be the final of its Trophy Historic Regularity Rallies, we knew full well that we had to put every effort into organising it.  The whole ‘The Event’ is extremely motivated to take on the challenge, and this has led to the second edition of the Göhltal Classic being pushed back to 20 and 21 May…2023.  We have consulted the La Calamine authorities who are clearly on the same wavelength.”

There will be work a-plenty to organise this exceptional year of the Ostbelgien Clasic.  Since the same people are responsible for the Göhltal Classic – 12H Ostbelgien it made perfect sense not to overstretch their resources managing two separate events.

But rest assured, after a successful start and Yves Delandre and Ranaud Herman’s victory last year, the event based at La Calamine will take place in all its glory in the spring of 2023.

And in the meantime, let’s head to the final of the FIA Trophy Historic Regularity Rallies 2022 – a golden opportunity to highlight the Ostbelgien!