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/20MAY & /21MAY 2023




The average speed driven at the event is maximum 50 km/h, with regularity tests (RT), time checks (TC), time checks to the second (TCS), a route with pacenotes with some non-metered sections, a few maps drawn or to be drawn at scale 1:25,000 and tests on closed roads or on private land.

Leisurely Ride

The Göhltal Classic Leisurely Ride is a scenic drive on public roads in accordance with road traffic regulations. The route description is provided in a roadbook with pacenotes, with and without kilometre indications, and by numerous orientation hints, as well as some easy tasks on a 1:25,000 scale map.
In addition, there will be a number of special stages suitable for vintage cars on both days.
Each team will receive a roadbook for each of the Saturday and Sunday stages.



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